Wednesday, November 18, 2015

That Soft Skin And Combating Motherhood Worries

I've been called a fussy and finicky mom by my family quite a lot of times that I've lost count. What they don't realise is that I can't afford to be not fussy. I have just one baby and his health is of prime importance to me. Each time this boy falls sick, it is I who tire out worrying and loosing my sleep. My baby's hygiene matters to me than all the hugs and kisses showered on him. After all, a healthy baby is a happy baby!

The health and well being of your baby starts from that soft, smooth baby skin. That super soft cheeks, satin toes is quite an attraction that all you want to do is nibble on it. Which is why, keeping the baby healthy starts from his super soft skin!

Here are the five things I would do to keep my baby's soft skin safe:

Oil massage
Oil massage has been a significant part of my little one's bath routine. From the day his bathing ritual started, Adhrith would be applied virgin coconut oil all over his body before bath. Initially, it was his great grandmother who took upon herself to give the baby, oil massage and bath. She wouldn't let anybody else do this and finally, after the first few months, she started letting Amma and I do it, quite half heartedly though. Still, she used to supervise us till she was satisfied we were doing a good job! Oil massage protects the skin from drying out, prevents the skin from infection and ensures that my baby stay healthy. And, oh boy, how soft and supple was the little one's skin after an oil bath! 

Choosing the perfect toiletries for your baby
It is very important to understand your baby's skin and choose his soap and moisturiser accordingly. Since I am a very finicky mom, I am averse to the commercialised products available in the market and I try to stay away from them as much as possible because of my lack of knowledge of the ingredients used. Because of this, good old Pears soap was my safe bet for my baby.  Subsequently this changed to Sebamed body wash (since we travel quite a lot, this was a better option for me) and Cetaphil lotion. These products have helped me keep Adhrith's skin soft, moisturised and allergy free.

The diaper selection
Selecting the perfect diaper for your baby is very important because reckless use of diapers will leave the baby with nappy rash and vulnerable to infection. I have always been a Pampers advocate. Nothing else has worked out well for me as Pampers did. I've tried several other diapers, but the mother in me was only assured with the quality of this brand and no other! They are soft, absorbent and trustworthy. Now that the boy is almost two years, he is almost done with diapers except for travel and Pampers comes to our rescue in those times! Now, Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

Wet wipes - saviour at your service 
This has been my biggest blessing since Adhrith was born. Gentle on the skin and rough on germs, it is quite convenient while I am on the go too! The baby bum is exposed to urine and poop while in diapers, that they are easily prone to infections and rashes. Wet wipes helps you fight the infection causing germs and is not rough on the skin. This has been my constant companion, travelling with me ever since my little one was born and helping me keep my baby safe!

A balanced diet
I consider this the most important of them all! I ensure that everyone in the house eats a balanced meal and in particular, the little one. I don't advocate giving babies supplements and tonics. To me, nutrition has to come from the food we eat and not from these supplements whose ingredients I am not quite sure of. I am a happy mom if my little one eats his daily intake of fruits and vegetables with sufficient intake of protein, calcium and iron. As the years pass, my baby is growing to be a big boy and all these may end or change. But as a mother, I will always ensure that he remains healthy and whatever may be left behind, I am not going to compromise on his balanced diet. This ensures that his skin stays supple, blemish free and hydrated.

To me, my little one is my world and as a mother, I will always ensure that he stays safe and healthy, trying to shield him from germs and stay clear of infection, in the best possible way that I can!

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