Wednesday, October 19, 2016

When The Maze Soul Tai Came Visiting

The first time I saw a Mei Tai, I was intimidated. Long tails, complex ties and no easy buckles. The first time I tried a Mei Tai, it was an altogether different story. I fell in love with it! So forgiving, flexible as per your style and you can tame it the way you want. Ever since, Mei Tai has been my favourite carrier.

Whatever were the reasons for me to be intimidated about it became my reasons to love it too! I love how I can play with the long tails and end with fancy looking finishes. I like how it fits me more perfectly than a full buckle one, because I get to tie it as per my comfort and spread out the shoulder straps for an even weight distribution, unlike a full buckle. Also, it is a definite head turner with people looking at it (and you) and wondering “how did she do that?”. Above all this, a Mei Tai helps in getting the boy perched high on my back as compared to any other carrier, which helps him see the world unobstructed and have lovely conversations with his mom as well, keeping both, mamma and baby, happy.
Soaking in the sun and early morning cuddles
On a slightly different note, I love black and white prints. I am a sucker for anything black and white. And hence, when Soul Slings brought out its Maze jacquard range, I fell in love with its black and white geometric print instantly. To top this, those who tested and tried carriers in Maze were gushing about how cushy and soft the material was. Each time I saw a photo of a maze carrier, I was slightly more in love with it. However, buying one more carrier would be at the risk of the husband sulking and cribbing about the number of carriers I own (though, in my defense, I don’t own that many) and the entire family supporting him. Adding to this, the Mei Tai I already own is a black and white print, a cotton ikkat print one, which I absolutely adore and have no plans of parting with anytime in the near future. 

So, while I satisfied myself by looking at the beautiful pictures of Maze carriers, one day, Soul announced its travelling carrier programme exclusively for the Maze range. I immediately signed up for the Maze Soul Tai and crossed my fingers to be selected. And voila, it happened!

After a long, impatient wait the beauty arrived finally on one Tuesday evening and I had a week to host and enjoy it. After coaxing the little boy, who, whenever his mommy wants to carry him runs away as fast as he can (what’s with these kids? Only if someone carried me in these pretty carriers!), and bribing him, we tried the Maze Soul Tai for the first time. I must tell you, the weightless feeling that a Mei Tai gives you is incomparable!

It was a saving grace when the boy was sick and we had chores to finish
The Maze Soul Tai, by the time I received it, was buttery soft and cuddle worthy. The jacquard was broken well and had lost all its stiffness. Also, it was very different from the jacquards I had used till now. One, it seemed very airy and really lightweight and secondly, the two jacquard carriers that I had was still a bit rough, material-wise, even after breaking it in, as compared to the Maze jacquard which was as soft as it could get! To the extent that, at times, I felt it was too soft for a Mei Tai. It might also be because of the fact that I am used to my cotton Mei Tai and it has a certain stiffness to it that I’ve come to love. However, I’m sure I would love to have this material in a ring sling or a wrap for the super soft, cuddly feel that it gives.

Also, as much as I loved the design, for the finicky person that I am, the Maze design needs a bit of colour co-ordination. The design is so beautiful that any dress that doesn’t co-ordinate with it brings down its beauty. True story of what happened to me the first time I wore it. That said, this carrier will definitely go well with a casual jeans and plain top and it is sure to give you a very stylish, classy look!

We took it with us for a weekend getaway too

It’s definitely a worthy buy for all those looking for a Mei Tai, considering that a jacquard Mei Tai is quite sturdy and strong. For me, I would really love to have this print in a sling or a wrap (once I get the perfect excuse to add one more carrier to the seemingly evergrowing collection), only because I am too deeply in love with my cotton Soul Tai and I am just not yet ready to replace it!

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