Saturday, March 5, 2016

To My Utmost Satisfaction

Dear Adhrith,

As a new mother, I’ve been tested my tolerance level and my patience has been pushed to the maximum. I’ve been given unwanted, unwelcomed advice by random people on how I should take care of you, how to make you sleep, what to do, what not to do, what I should eat and many others that I’ve not even bothered to listen. People who’ve not even seen me feeding you have told me quite authoritatively about how I do not have enough milk for you.  When you fell ill, I was told what medicine I should give you, what I should feed you and how I am not feeding you enough. When I went for a trip without you, people made snide remarks about how I could go and enjoy while leaving my baby behind.

We, new moms, are made to believe right from the day our baby is born as to how lousy we are,  the things that we are not doing correctly are highlighted rather than appreciating the effort we do to make things right for our little one and in general, we are made to believe how we are not doing enough for the baby. We are expected to make sacrifices, to put our interests in the backseat and to keep our happiness aside. We are made to believe that there is no life other than the one that revolves around the baby and our world ends there.

I’ve tried my level best not to be affected by such remarks and I’ve succeed to an extent. I don’t give a heed to any of the unwarranted remarks thrown at me because you are my life and I know I will not compromise on anything concerning you. I give you my best, be it anything and I make it a point to do only what is best for you. I will feed you only when you are hungry and not when I am hungry even when I’ve been blamed over and over again and commented on how my boy looks malnourished. I will not give you food you don't like neither will I distract you and stuff your mouth with food. I want you to enjoy your food and love what you eat. In addition to this, I will definitely not sacrifice my needs and my happiness for you. 

If I want you to see me as the best mother you could’ve asked for, I need to be happy. I want you to know I have a world outside you and I need that world to keep me happy as much as I need you. I definitely don’t want you to see me as a frustrated, depressed mother who doesn’t have a life of her own. If I have to show you what happiness is, I need to be happy.

You are my responsibility and I will make sure that my little one is brought up in the best possible way so that I will never blame the mother in me ever. For this, I will not compromise on anything concerning you. I will take care of you to my utmost satisfaction always so that I will never regret what I did(or did not do). This way, down the line, when I look back, what matters will only be what I did and not what others said! 

Amma! :)


  1. Only happiness can breed more happiness. If you are comfortable with yourself you are comfortable with others. Very sincere sharing of thoughts. Good one.