Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why Stay At Home Moms Need a Break Too

Imagine getting up early morning after a tiring day's work, all geared up to start yet another action packed day. You don't wait for the alarm to ring (anyway however badly you want to press the snooze button you can't afford to) since you have a truckload of work to finish. So, you get up and start with all your morning duties - milk in the pan, prepping for breakfast and lunch and the mid-day snack for the kid, tidying the house before the maid comes for cleaning, get the little one ready for school, drop him at school, rush back home before the husband leaves and finish the remaining work, pick the kiddo from school, come back home, feed the little one and make him sleep (time to take a deep breath), finish whatever chores is pending and prep for dinner, take the little one to the park, finish the dinner and by the time you realise, the day is gone by. You will not be appreciated for the work you do, rather, your work is taken for granted and you will not be paid for the 24*7 work either. In between this, try pushing in some spare time for reading, writing or any other hobby of yours. And if you are working part time, then God be with you while you try finding time to finish the work! Now, imagine doing this seven days a week with no break at all. 

Stay at home moms are highly underrated. With so much women empowerment talks and points on why working woman is the smart one, no one appreciates the one who makes the house a home without compromising on a single chore, the one for whom there is no option of leave or running away from their workplace or a place to rant about their day's work. It is as much exhausting mentally as it is physically for the one who is "sitting" at home without ever sitting down for a minute. Things are monotonous and there isn't any deviation from the routine, mundane chores.

We yearn to sit down without having to think about what needs to be done, we yearn to rest without having to worry, we yearn to close our eyes and enjoy the moment that passes by us very fast. And this is why we, stay at home moms need a deserved well-deserved break where we could just sit without having to worry about making beds, getting dinner ready, tidying the house and all those unexpected work that pops up in between. We don't want our little ones to be our problem, we want to enjoy them. We need to stop doing everything else, atleast every now and then, just so that we can reaffirm how wonderful being a mother is. We definitely need to feel like a princess once in a while and not like a robot that we seem to be. Because, the man maybe bringing the dough for the bread but we are the ones proofing, rolling and baking it! 

So, while you are at this now, I have a little boy tugging my dress, fighting with the laptop for my attention, wanting a diaper change and feeling hungry at the same time. And oh, I forgot, we need to get ready to go out in ten minutes time before which I need to clean the kitchen, fold the clothes and change the bedsheet (for reasons obvious to a mom who has an infant/toddler!). Now that you are trying to imagine this, let me go and finish the rest of my work. So long!

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