Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To The One I Take For Granted

You are the one I reach out in times of need.  You are the one on whom I vent my anxiety and worries, yet you never complain. When I fell in love, you are the one I turned to and I will always remember how you told me the pros and cons, yet supporting my choice. You are the one who bore the brunt of the bridezilla in me. You are the only one I wanted to talk to about my pregnancy worries. You are the one I wouldn't let take a break when I had a baby because I trusted only you with my baby. You are the one I reach out when I am scared yet act strong when my baby falls sick. You are my prayer request box - the only person's prayer I believe in. You are my strongest pillar indeed.

From the time I remember, you've been my champion. You taught me what a woman is capable of. You've been my biggest cheerleader and pushing me to extent my limits always. You've left no stone unturned in bringing us up in the best possible way. You've made it possible to pursue my interests no matter what. You've always been the one who has supported me in whatever I do. You've let me learn from my mistakes without imposing what you feel is right. You've let me be me.

I value you more after I've become a mother. You are my bible when it comes to bringing up my baby. You taught me that there is a fine line between pampering your little one and spoiling your baby and you should never cross that line. You taught me a mother needs to be calm in times of crisis and no hurdle is big for a mother. You taught me to be open about my problems so that I have people to help me out in need. You showed me how a lady should live her life yet be the foundation of her family. You  showed me how important it is for a girl to have her friends as much as she needs her family. You taught me that we, women, possess superpowers and we put on our cape and rock on when life calls us. 

You are the go to person for our friends, your friends and our family. You've been a mother not just to us but to our friends too - being with them in times of need, holding their hand and listening to their worries and just doing your best for them just like how you would do for us. You've been a sister to your friends - sparing time from your schedule whenever they need you with absolutely no hesitation, helping them in all possible ways and just being there whenever they need you. 

I fight with you the most but you are the one I look upto always. Because of you, to me, a superman is a she and she looks like you! You are my superstar, the one who made me the woman I am. Happy Women's Day, Amma. I love you!


  1. Atheetha...Beautifully written..i was seeing my mother in all those words..loved it!!!

  2. Very well written Atheetha dear, I wonder if you will remember me. I am your mother's friend from Kowdiar Rotary Club

    1. Thank you, Aunty! Of course, I remember you! 😃