Tuesday, March 7, 2017

When The Little Boy Became An Astronaut

A couple of days back, the lovely folks at Blog Adda partnered with Colgate to send us Colgate 'Magical Space Adventure' pack. We were sent three packs, that consisted of three different Magical Space themes - The Alien Planet, Space Walk and Space Launch. 

The little boy was eager to explore the pack as soon as it arrived, and overjoyed when he found that he could cut pieces out of the pack. We sat and spent some amazing time together cutting the pieces and fixing it on to the base. The little boy was fascinated with the spaceship, UFOs, and comets - all his firsts. He jumped with joy seeing a rocket that he could hold in his hand.

We then sat down for story time, and it was a pleasant change from the usual. I prompted the little boy to tell me a story and for a change, rather than pleading with me to tell him a story he was enthusiastic about weaving a story around space ships and astronauts.

We started from the first cut-out – the Space Launch. The little boy was the protagonist astronaut and he picked his friend from her home and ‘drove’ the rocket to space. As per him, ‘Zooom and we were in space’. In between, I tried to tell him real facts about space and spaceships, but someone little wasn’t interested at all and didn’t want anything that was shoot down his imagination. Once they reached space they went straight to their home, but couldn’t find the park there. I almost broke into a laugh hearing the little boy asking me genuinely, “but where is the park?”.

I slowly shifted the focus to the second cut-outs that we had made, showcasing the Alien Planet. Although the concept of aliens and the UFOs were slightly over the top for the little boy’s understanding, he did try to weave a story around it – a story that revolved around making the alien understand why he and his friend were there and how they were trying to find the park in space. His “do you want to help us?” question to the alien melted my heart and had me in splits at the same time. The innocence of a kid!

Then the boy decided that the alien was going to help him to find the park. We moved on to our last cut out on Space Walk. Here, I slightly took over and told him about the different planets and comets. His face shone bright when he saw the sun and clapped gleefully telling me that it was the sun and his friends (so much for trying to teach him about planets!).The search for the park was lost right there when the sun came into the picture and then he wanted to take the sun back home in his rocket.

This, I must say, served as a great time pass for Adhrith. It was quite different from our usual activities and although he is still young to weave stories, I saw, for the first time, how imagination soars high in kids. It helped us bond in a way we’ve never done before and much thanks to Colgate and BlogAdda, we had an amazing evening today!

P.s: “I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

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