Monday, November 7, 2016

Trunki Tales

Have you noticed those adorable, tiny, animal shaped suitcase with wheels that kids as small as toddlers tag along or ride on at the airport? I’ve been admiring it ever since the first time I saw it and always wanted to get one for my baby (who was not even born at that time!). I have been itching to buy it ever since the little boy was born, but after much discussion with the husband, we decided to wait till the boy was the right age to get one. It did make sense, since otherwise it would just be an extra luggage for me and I would have to carry it around instead of the boy. Now, as the boy was nearing his third birthday, we, decided to get him one. By now, he was obsessed with suitcases and wanted to push one at every chance that he got. So, finally, after much anticipation and scouting for options, the boy finally got a Trunki, as it is called, and his mamma was as excited as him!

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