Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hey You, My Friend Forever

Remember, those birthday and christmas cards we exchanged? We wrote friends forever in all those cards. And later, the same friends forever was our signing out message in our email exchanges? Even now, I mean it. In fact, I mean it now more than ever.

I need you now more than ever. While everyone around me talks to me about the baby - what he eats, when he poops, how long he sleeps and other routine questions, I want you around, to talk about how I feel, share gossips and just about everything else that's happening in the outside world. I want to go out with you and spend hours chatting and giggling, enjoying my time away from my kid and yet, not feeling guilty. You are my getaway from motherhood and I need you, to hold onto my sanity in this crazy, fast paced, motherhood journey. I need you so that I realise motherhood is not a sacrifice where I leave my favourite part of life aside for the baby. 

I don't care if you don't have a baby and I am not going to ask you when the 'good news' is coming. I can still relate to your life and of course, you too can. You are the one who knows me and my crazy self. Because, you are the one who loves me for who I am and not for what I've become. You see me the way I am and not just as a mother. You are my getaway from motherhood. You are my cheerleader who will nudge me to let go off the snide remarks I get for my way of parenting and gives me the best advise possible at all times. 

I don't want you to empathise with me about my motherhood worries. I don't want to talk about my baby with you, unless you want me to. What I want is, to talk about myself and hear what's happening in your life. Because, you are the one that help me lead a life outside motherhood and that to me, is as important as being a mommy. 

Stand by me, my dear. Don't back off thinking I would be busy with the baby. I have more things to talk about than how many words my baby speaks and what my baby knows, and there are just a few who want to hear about it. You are one of them and I want you in my life. Always.

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